Monday, September 20, 2010

Can't you just "internet" it?

I LOVE the Internet. I use it every day, many, many times. I am more prone to buy something if I can look it up online first, and I'm more apt to go somewhere if it's online as well. I get way irritated when a business doesn't have a website. That's terrible, I know. Anyone else feel the same way?
The other day my husband wanted something looked up online. He asked if I could "Internet" it.
Funniest. Thing. Ever.
So, of course, being the sweet and loving wife that I am, I jumped right on that and started making fun of him. But he did bring up a very valid point... we "google" things all the time. How can we use "google" as a verb, but not "Internet"?
So from now on, I guess I'm just going to Internet things. It is, after all, a much broader term. Because I don't ALWAYS use google. Sometimes I go right to a specific website. For instance, I could "Internet" the score of the ball game or "Internet" the weather report.

So, here's to "Internetting"!!!