Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things I could stand to have more (or any) of... and things I could do without.

1. I would like a drink. A beer or BIG glass of wine would be my preference, but a cosmo, margarita, etc. would suit me fine as well.

2. I would like a long, hot, bath.

3. I could stand to have more caffeine. I like my coffee, a lot. And I like my sodas too. So this one cup o'joe in the mornings... not lovin' it.

4. I could stand to have more motivation to go work out (LMAO!)

5. I would like more fried pickles.

6. I would like more sunshine.

7. I would like to sleep on my belly.

1. I could do without people treating me like I am broken, simply because I am pregnant.

2. I could do without EVERYONE touching my belly. If I know you, go for it. If you are a stranger or mere acquaintance, HANDS OFF!!!

3. I could certainly do without laundry and dishes.

Hmmmm... That may be it for now. But I wouldn't be surprised if I'm back here editing later, haha!